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Arcada FTS

Do you want

  • Shade over a glass roof?

  • Large areas of shade over a patio

  • Rugged construction?

  • Electric operation with optional remote or automatic control?

Then you need the Aviance Arcada FTS

The harsh environment over a glass roof is very demanding. The Aviance Arcada FTS has been designed for maximum durability. All visible aluminium parts are powdercoated and all steel parts are stainless steel.

The Aviance Arcada FTS can operate at any angle - even vertically upwards.

If the side guides are supported on posts the Aviance Arcada FTS can be used to cover a patio to create a weatherproof area as it will withstand a significant amount of wind and, depending on the slope, quite a lot of rain.

The Aviance Arcada FTS is only available with electric operation.

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